JAPAN - Dormant Japanese Volcano Erupts For 1st Time Since 1939: Link

SOUTH ASIA - Giant Asian Smog Cloud Threatens Millions, Says UN: Link

TAIWAN - Taiwan Defiant Over Chinese Threats, Tensions Rise: Link

COLUMBIA - Columbia Declares Limited State Of Emergency: Link

NIGERIA - Couple Fleeced Of $400,000 By Nigerian Scam: Link

ISRAEL - Israel Strikes Back After A Day Of Carnage: Link

ISRAEL - Four Israeli Arabs Accused Of Spying For Hizbullah: Link

U.S.A. - Airlines Warned To Watch For Pilot Imposters: Link

ZIMBABWE - Mugabe To White Farmers: Leave, Or Be Imprisoned: Link

JAPAN - Japanese Drop Out Of National I.D. System: Link

KASHMIR - Tensions Rise On India-Pakistan Border, 13 Killed: Link

POLYNESIA - Thurday's Earthquake In Fiji Islands Upgraded To 6.1: Link

PANAMA - Tuesday's Earthquake In Panama Upgraded To 6.0: Link

U.S.A. - Clinton Admits: I Nixed Bin Laden Extradition Offer: Link

VIRGINIA - US Airways Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Link

OREGON - Weather Helps Fire Crews Fight Largest Blaze Of Century: Link

CALIFORNIA - West Nile Could Spead To Pacific Coast: Link

AUSTRALIA - 76P Doomsday Prophet Little Pebble Arrested: Link

SAN FRANCISCO - Golden Gate Bridge On High Alert: Link

Above thanks to Timothy Snodgrass - New Earth Shaking News Daily
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