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@ -- Mar 11, 2011 --

Japan's most powerful earthquake since records began has struck the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami.
Cars, ships and buildings were swept away by a wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude quake, which struck about 400km (250 miles) north-east of Tokyo.
A state of emergency has been declared at a nuclear power plant but officials said there were no radiation leaks.
The death toll is unclear, but police say 200 to 300 bodies have been found in the port city of Sendai.
At least 90 other people are reported to have died, and many more are unaccounted for.
Measured at 8.9 by the US Geological Survey, the tremor struck at 1446 local time (0546 GMT) at a depth of about 24km.
The first waves from the tsunami have reached the US mainland at Oregon, and people have been evacuated from coastal areas of that state and in California and Washington.
The first waves from the tsunami have reached the US mainland at Oregon, and people have been evacuated from coastal areas of that state and in California and Washington.
Some of the biggest waves of between 6-7ft (about 2m) would hit near California's Crescent City, predicted the US National Weather Service.
The waves earlier passed Hawaii, but there have been no reports of major damage.
A tsunami warning was extended across the Pacific to North and South America, where many other coastal regions were evacuated, but the alert has since been lifted in most parts, including the Philippines and New Zealand.
'Train missing'
Strong waves hit Japan's Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, officials said, damaging dozens of coastal communities.
Kyodo news agency said a 10-metre wave struck Sendai, which is in Miyagi.
Japan's NHK television showed a massive surge of debris-filled water sweeping away buildings, cars and ships and reaching far inland.
Motorists could be seen trying to speed away from the wall of water.
Farmland around Sendai was submerged and the waves pushed cars across the runway of the city's airport. Fires broke out in the city's centre.
Thousands of people are being evacuated from near the Fukushima power plant, where a state of emergency has been declared. The cooling system failed in one of its reactors when it shut down automatically because of the earthquake.
Japan tsunami map - 11 March 2011
Prime Minister Naoto Kan said no radiation leaks at that power plant or any of the other reactors in the quake-hit zone had been detected.
In a televised address, he extended his sympathy to the victims of the disaster and said an emergency response headquarters had been set up.
The UN's nuclear agency said four nuclear power plants had shut down safely.
In Iwate prefecture, also near the epicentre, an official said it was difficult to gauge the extent of the destruction.
"Roads were badly damaged and cut off as the tsunami washed away debris, cars and many other things," said Hiroshi Sato, a disaster management official in Iwate.
Residents and workers in Tokyo rushed out of apartment buildings and office blocks and gathered in parks and open spaces as aftershocks continued to hit.
Many people in the Japanese capital said they had never felt such a powerful earthquake.
In central Tokyo, Jeffrey Balanag said he was stuck in his office in the Shiodome Sumitomo building because the elevators had stopped working.
"We're almost seasick from the constant rolling of the building," he told the BBC.
Bullet train services to northern Japan were halted and rapid transit in Tokyo was suspended, stranding many workers in the city centre.
About four million homes in and around Tokyo suffered power cuts.

Deadliest earthquakes

27 July 1976, Tangshan, China: est 655,000 killed, 7.5
12 Jan 2010, Haiti: 222,570 killed, 7.0
8 Oct 2005, Pakistan: 80,361 killed, 7.6
31 May 1970 Chimbote, Peru: 70,000 killed, 7.9
Source: USGS
In other developments:
  • A passenger train was missing in one coastal area, and a ship carrying 100 people was swept away, police told Japanese media
  • Fire is engulfing swathes of coastland, including homes and buildings, at Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture
  • A major explosion hit a petrochemical plant in Sendai; further south a huge blaze swept through an oil refinery in Ichihara city, Chiba prefecture
  • A dam burst in north-eastern Fukushima prefecture, sweeping away homes, Kyodo news agency reports
  • There were reports of about 20 people injured in Tokyo after the roof of a hall collapsed on to a graduation ceremony

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@ -- Nov 4, 2010 --


by Anthony Bragalia

Copyright 2010, InterAmerica, Inc.

(Any use of this material, in its entirety, without permission from InterAmerica, Inc. will provoke legal action)

uap.jpg Over four decades ago a meeting of high-ranking military and intelligence officials, academic scholars and senior-level government scientists convened to analyze the nature of the mysterious UFO phenomena. This dynamic mix of professionals hailed from the Air Force, NASA and other esteemed organizations.

At the meeting these learned and accomplished men considered that the truth about the visiting extraterrestrial is far more disturbing than we would ever dare to imagine: The aliens walk among us undetected! They have already inserted themselves into our culture and our world. And as you will soon hear for yourself, these stunning statements were taped, leaving no doubt about their intended meaning.

And just as our government inserts its intelligence agents into "countries of interest" by having them look and act like the target populus - the extraterrestrials would do the same. Before any open contact is made, they no doubt engage in the standard practice of learning as much about "the natives" as possible by "becoming" them!



On February 8, 1966 the civilian UFO research group NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) held a small reception in Washington, DC in honor of noted Brazilian UFO researcher Olavo Fontes, MD. Fontes was most known for his early work on the Brazil "Ubatuba" UFO case and resulting debris sample. Long defunct, NICAP was a credible research organization that counted among its members those within many professions throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

According to archived records of the organization, at this meeting there were 14 people in attendance. Many of these attendees were rather notable:

- The former Chief of Intelligence of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
- Two senior-level NASA scientists
- A retired USAF Colonel and NASA Program Manager

This meeting was (in part) recorded and had included some conversations among those that were assembled that concerned what the intentions may be of the "beings behind the UFO craft" that were being sighted in our skies.

The roster of attendees included NICAP officers and "friends of NICAP":

- Frank Bloss (Trident Missile Engineer)
- Robert Suggs, PhD (Noted Anthropologist)
- Leon Katchen (NASA Physicist later a developer of the Space Shuttle)
- Eli Bernzweig (Attorney and Ethicist)
- Frank Rawlinson (NASA Physicist later with Goddard Space Flight Center)
- Edward C. Russell (President of the non-profit English Speaking Union and early Peace and Cultural Exchange Advocate)
- Col. Howard Wright (USAF Ret., Decorated Pilot, Intel Agent, NASA Program Manager)
- Col. Howard McCoy (USAF Ret., Chief of Intelligence, USAF Wright Patterson AMC)

It is these last two attendees (and the meeting's honoree himself) who offer the most telling information about UFOs, their pilots and what they are doing here...



Seated among this small gathered group was retired USAF Col. Howard Wright. Wright served as a decorated pilot in WWII, was engaged in many military intelligence missions, and later was employed at NASA as a Deputy Program Manager working on projects that were closely associated with the Air Force.

Wright made these remarkable statements about the extraterrestrial presence to his associates:

"I was in Intelligence for a long time, military intelligence. I was in the War. It is logical, not just military thinking, but as logical thinking, that there was never a successful military occupation or adventure where prior to the invasion or prior to the mass landing there were not agents sent ahead. This is standard practice. In Germany we and the British inserted Americans and we inserted British who looked like the Germans and spoke their language. In Japan we inserted them, but we had agents in their country exactly the same as we have agents behind the Iron Curtain now.

The main purpose of these people is to be as exactly like the natives as possible and yet the fact of life, the fact of military logic, the fact of cultural logic -and especially since they have not been hostile - dictates that there would be, if they are humanoid , that there can be humanoids picked out since the range of size and shape and color on this planet covers almost the entire spectrum.

"It almost dictates the fact that there would be agents of the space people, wherever they come from, living among us at the present time and having been here over the last hundred years."

Fortunately for history, someone in attendance had privately recorded parts of the meeting (perhaps unbeknownst to those in attendance) and later had stored it in the NICAP archives to be retrieved only decades later. You can hear Wright speaking to the group here:

Col. Howard Wright Discussing ET's Infiltration of Society, From NICAP Archive:


Wright's comments are very insightful and make complete sense. What is equally telling is that Wright is one of two retired Air Force Colonels at this invite-only function. The other is Air Force Chief Col. Howard McCoy, a professional colleague and friend of Col.Howard Wright's. Howard McCoy was in fact a very senior-level officer in our nation's military after WWII. He was the Chief of Intelligence for the United States Air Force Air Materiel Command. He was close to the Secretary of the Air Force Stuart Symington and with General Curtis LeMay. McCoy was also instrumental in initiating the 1948 official government UFO study "Project Sign."

So here then we have the former head of Air Force Intelligence listening intently to his Air Force Intelligence compatriot seated right next to him in the same room speaking rather surely about the extraterrestrial infiltration of society! In fact so similar were the two Colonels that these statements on the alien reality were originally attributed to Colonel McCoy himself, but later investigation proved that the words were that of Col. Wright.

Skeptics may point out that it was McCoy who wrote in 1948 (in a document written after the Roswell crash from the year before): "I can't even tell you how much we would give to have one of those crash in an area so that we could recover what they are." But McCoy wrote this to a USAF Scientific Advisory Board Conference whose members have been shown to not all have possessed such sufficient clearance and need to know about such a crash. Either McCoy was misstating to misdirect and to protect security surrounding the issue- or he did not know at the time but later found out. Of course had such a crash event occurred, its existence would not be made known in such a general letter, circulated broadly to numbers of individuals.

Because we do not have the entire recording of this meeting that McCoy attended, we do not know precisely what he thought about Col. Wright's statements on visiting extraterrestrials "blending in" with our world. But we must wonder: Why in the world was McCoy even there in the first place?

Why was the former Director of USAF Intelligence at a private function honoring Ufologist Dr. Olavo Fontes (who had some years before studied what was believed to potentially be debris from a UFO) ?

Why was McCoy considering statements about infiltration of our world by those from another?

What was he doing there with a fellow Air Force intelligence officer and scientists from NASA?

Why was McCoy still privately obsessed by "things alien" long after he had retired from service- and decades after his Project Sign project was completed?


human.jpg If the extraterrestrial has mastered the ability to traverse the cosmos by manipulating space, time and matter to its advantage- it certainly has developed advanced camouflage technologies. They can no doubt "disguise" themselves to appear human. Or perhaps they are a continuum of things human. Such a humanoid could create a semblance to us so as to appear as we do. Perhaps they know that to one day face us, their face must look like us. They may be so different that immediate assimilation would be hindered by their radically different appearance. Or perhaps they are only a few thousand years ahead of us and don't look that much different.

As our own military and intelligence professionals know, this "blending in" would allow such "visitors" to gain first-hand information on us in advance- and undetected. They would understand us more completely if they walked amongst us. Wildlife researchers also know this. They cloak themselves in bear-skin to film the behavior of bear up close. In a similar way, the extraterrestrials would "cloak" themselves to seem more like those they are observing. In this way they know us better, without us ever even knowing!

Col. McCoy himself understood about the infiltration of other lands. He was in WWII and was instrumental in capturing German enemy technologies. The former head of our nation's Air Force Intelligence probably concurred with his associate Col. Wright: The people from other planets have already immersed themselves in our own!

posted by RRRGroup at Wednesday, November 03, 2010

@ -- July 7, 2010 --

Russian Satellite Network could Save the Earth from Asteroid Collisions, Resulting Tsunamis

Russian astronomers have developed an innovative satellite network that would alert people when any space objects are on a collision course with the Earth. Some argue the system isn't effective and is too expensive.

A large asteroid hitting the Earth could mean the worst natural disaster in millions of years and threaten most forms of life. A giant tsunami wave will rise, submerging coastal cities.

If a giant meteor hits land, a massive dust cloud will rise, and cause severe climate change, Director of the Space Systems Research Centre, Valery Menshikov explains. As a leading space engineer, Menshikov believes we have to do anything it takes to make sure this never happens. His team has developed IGMASS, a groundbreaking network of satellites and telescopes on different continents. The system would give advance warning of anything from space on course for a collision, meaning that action could be taken to save the Earth.

Read more: Asteroid, Tsunami threat

Methane Explosions from Deep Ocean Sea Floor has Happened Before, Causing Giant Tsunamis and Worldwide Disasters


--May 2010 --

Tourists Exclaim OMG! during Mexicali Earthquake
SEE VIDEO - Mountains shake, Dust rises

Earthquakes are Increasing

--Mar 15, 2010 -- Ernie Fitzpatrick is still on top of the 2012 earthquakes.

By: Ernie Fitzpatrick

6.6 Earthquake In Japan
At some point we have to admit that something strange is happening- something really different that we've never experienced before. Yes, earthquakes happen every day- somewhere! However, the frequency and the magnitude of the earthquakes is far from normal. A strong earthquake hit off the eastern coast of central Japan today, rattling buildings across a broad swath of the country, including Tokyo. 

There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties, and the government said there was no danger from tsunamis. Japan's early warning system predicted the earthquake just before it hit, with public broadcaster NHK interrupting a sumo match to warn residents to take cover.

But, it's not just the earthquakes that are weird.

We are entering the fullness of the "2012 window". We are approaching not only December 21, 2012, but also the Carl Johan Calleman date of October 28, 2011 which he says is the real Mayan date. Regardless of which date you choose, there is so much exponential change going on that dates don't matter- actual and pending events do!

We've got a planet telling us that change is on the way. My trees are showing behaviors that I've never seen before. Can I attribute it to the colder than normal winter here in Houston? Maybe, maybe not. What's happening on the micro level is also happening on the macro level. The solar system is heating up, doing weird stuff. The sun of course is a major reason for the solar alterations. Is it coincidental that the massive magnetic filament on the sun that collapsed last month did so at the same time of the Chile earthquake?

There aren't plausible answers, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't seek them.

About the Author(Ernie Fitzpatrick)

As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.

(ArticlesBase SC #1986322)

Article Source: - 6.6 Earthquake In Japan

More Ernie Fitzpatrick articles in Global Rumblings Archives

@ -- January 18, 2010 -- Haiti - After Five Days trapped in the earthquake debris, a little two year old girl is rescued by our Miami-Dade County, Florida Search and Rescue Team.
Brian, (my daughter's stepson) carries the baby to her father. When he removes his helmet his patriotic Red White and Blue 'do-rag" is obvious. Red, White and Blue to the Rescue!
Sadly, the mother is still under the debris.

@ -- January 12, 2010 -- WARNING - Graphic images of destruction in Haiti Earthquake. Ongoing Horror

@ -- December 09, 2009 -- UFO? HADRON COLLIDER? HOPI BLUE KACHINA STAR? In Norway

@ -- Aug 13, 2008 -- The Princeton University Global Consciousness Index is Red Orange at this time.
That means something's up in our mass consciousness... It was RED the night before 9/11.
See Global Rumblings Page Two
for Current Status of the Consciousness Index Globe

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@ -- Oct 1, 2009 --

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