Tourists try to rush to safety before the tsunami hit the Hat Rai Lay Beach in Thailand. The water had receded before the deadly wave struck.
How Scientists and Tourists watched Helplessly

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@-- Sep 30,2009 -- Earthquakes and Volcanoes are ramping up. Ernie Fitzpatrick is right on top of 2012 happenings.

Earthquakes Shake The Planet

Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

If there is anything that scientists can agree on, it's not global warming, but that the frequency and intensity of earthquakes are on the rise. Is this a prelude to December 21, 2012: a sign that our planet is just resonating with our own individual and societal psyche? Or, just a blip on the radar screen: nothing to worry about?

At least 111 people are confirmed killed in Samoa, neighboring American Samoa and Tonga. Officials in the Pacific region have expressed fears the toll will rise as rescue workers struggle to reach outlying villages. The quake hit the small cluster of Samoan islands in the South Pacific early Tuesday.

Around 220,000 people live on the two main islands which make up the nation of Samoa. The population of the U.S. island territory of American Samoa is about 66,000.

In Tonga, Lord Tuita, the acting prime minister, said at least seven people had been confirmed dead on the northern island of Niuatoputapu. Three others were missing and four people were being treated for serious injuries, he said. "The hospital on the island is reported to have suffered major damage; telephone communications has been cut as a result of damage to equipment and facilities on the island; homes and government buildings have been destroyed; the airport runway has been severely damaged making it impossible for any fixed wing aircraft to land," a statement from the Tongan prime minister's office said.

Meanwhile, there's yet another earthquake getting attention.

A major earthquake that struck Indonesia this morning killing at least 13 people and injured hundreds more just from initial reports. The 13 were crushed when the quake collapsed buildings, said Rustam Pakaya, head of the Ministry of Health's crisis center. Hundreds more were injured, he said. The state-run Antara news agency said the earthquake "killed tens of people and destroyed hundreds of buildings including houses, shopping centers and mosques."

My take is that we're swimming in some deep waters for which there are no normalities.

About the Author:

As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.

Article Source: - Earthquakes Shake The Planet

@ -- Aug 04, 2009 -- Ernie Fitzpatrick has another 2012 Article. He's doing a lot of research!

2012 Spiritual Awakening

Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

The species is coming alive. I am taking about homo sapien sapiens who are being transformed into something more akin to homo luminous. We are so much more than we think. What we see in the mirror is just a jumble of energy that houses the true vibrational frequency that resonates with unconditioned consciousness- God, Creator, Spirit.

In much the same way that Albert Einstein described pendulums (We don't know how or why it works, we just know that it does), we find ourselves not knowing the full ramnification os this event called 2012, which is more than the symbolic winter solistice (12.21.2012), it the passing through a thirty year window or door that leads us into a new dimension: a new "beingness."

Ellen Bass has the spirit of the process that we're experiencing as she wrote, "There is a part of every living thing that wants to become itself- the tadpole into the frog, the chrysalis into the butterfly, the damaged human into a whole one. That is spirituality." We are truly spiritual beings who have not taken notice of what that means; but, we are now for some unknown reason.

Could the anatomical alarm clock be going off?

The church has tried in vain to force feed people spirituality with fear (of hell) and intimidation (ex-communication) but what has been the results? We've seen more divisiveness, more killing, and more intolerance. Science has tried the factual way of giving us more and more technological tools with which to better life and all we've done is use those inventions for more destruction.

But NOW is upon us, and whether we're moving through some photon cloud, galactic crossings, interstellar plasma field, or not, we're being transformed, and it's becoming more and more increasingly noticable. How about you? What are you seeing when you look in the mirror these days.

About the Author:

As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.

Article Source: - 2012 Spiritual Awakening

@ -- Jul 22, 2009--

2012 Quantum Leap

Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

The events that will usher in a new era, most often referred to as 21.21.2012, is NOW, but NOT YET! Does that sound like some Zen koan or what? We are now experiencing some of the new world that is to come but we've not seen the quantum leap that must invariably happen in the thirty year window of 1987 to 2017 (give or take a month here or there). :-)

Stuff has indeed been happening. If one were to look at the headlines over the past two decades the changes and transformations are unimaginable (back in the early 80's). And yet we've not seen the quantum leap that invariably follows times such as these. Darwin evolutionism simply cannot account for the fossil gaps wherein quantum leaps took over: when Consciousness interrupted life as it was known and changed the landscape of life.

There is an evolutionary pressure building that will lead to a revolution event. Newtonian physics, or classical physics simply cannot account for quantum physic events. While it may not be easily seen, considering current events, we are moving into an era of "right relationships" as the Hopi call it. This will occur not just with we humans, but with plants, animals, Gaia, and the universe: Consciousness itself!

Are you ready for this? Get ready! :-)

An ecological leap is underway. What will the world look like a half dozen years from now? Only the most visionary and maybe even the savants can know. We're being seeded by unique children. This process to prepare us for the jump has produced children that we call various names, such as: Indigo, Star kids, Crystalline, etc. Consciousness (God) does not follow a step by step plan. Consciousness speaks and it is! Let there by this and let there be that and IT IS!

We're not here by accident, be it a once in a life time event or a repeated incarnation. The Anthropic Principle was proposed in Poland in 1973, commemorating Copernicus’s 500th birthday. It was proposed by Brandon Carter, who, on Copernicus’s birthday, proclaimed that humanity did indeed hold a special place in the Universe, an assertion that is the exact opposite of Copernicus’s now universally accepted theory. Life is purposeful and we're headed where Consciousness is directing and in those blueprints for life here and beyond there are LEAPS that defy logic.

We're in one of those and yet- not fully! Leap time is on the way.

About the Author:

As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.

Article Source: - 2012 Quantum Leap

@ -- Jul 15, 2009 --

2012 Transdimensional Connection?

Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

Are there "beings" on other planets? do you believe in UFO's? If we're the only humans (or something akin to us) in this vast universe didn't the One who created all of this surely waste a lot of SPACE (no pun intended)? And if there are others beings "out there", do they have the ability to transcend certain dimensions such as space, time and possibly other unknown dimensions? Ah, the multitude of questions! :-)

There's so much more to think about in our daily lives what with this messy recession and will the Red Sox be able to hold off the high-powered Yankees. Who has time for the likes of transdimensional "anything"?

But, if there was a time to give such an area a thought, wouldn't 2012 or the 2012 window (1986-2016) be a good time to do it? I guess a first question would be are you open to a multi?dimensional universe? The words and the mind games can get pretty deep here. Who understands string theory, or geometric space, or a space matrix consisting of elemental superstrings? Not I so, let's dumb it down a bit.

New words and concepts are flying into our faces every day. One such paradigm is the "lightbody" which is poetic; however, it comes close to my Christian background which has told me that the Creator of the world is LIGHT, that Jesus was LIGHT, and that I am a child of LIGHT (one of the trillions of rays that make up the WHITE LIGHT! Are you still with me? :-)

Among other things light is about information and transformation. We probably have more information than we can handle, but we sure need some transformation. Transformation does not come though with more information. Enlightenment isn't a cerebral process: it cannot be "reasoned" out or drummed up with ecstatic voodoo. We must experience transformation which in part means we must BE STILL. We must simply BE. The more I BE, and AM, the more I sense that my body, actually my DNA, is being altered, reprogrammed. Sounds weird doesn't it? It even feels strange.

I am being bombarded by electromagnetic pulses being sent from the galactic center? Am I experiencing the Hebraic, or Kabbalistic “merkaba”?

I don't have any proof, but what I can tell you is that starting around the time of the Harmonic Convergence (86-87), my Spirit became restless and I began "moving out", moving WITHIN! And starting 3-4 years ago my spirit-psyche, and being shifted gears into a much more intense deeper state. Am I being connected to something else, something bigger? Quantum physics seemingly has a similar answer as the Bible: As above so, below, and vice versa. :-)

About the Author:

As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.

Article Source: - 2012 Transdimensional Connection?

@ -- May 25 -- Human-to-human transmission of bird flu confirmed in Indonesia (APA). The mutated form of the virus is the danger that scientists expected.

The spread of the bird flu virus from human to human can claim millions of lives. According to pessimistic forecasts of the UN experts, the spread of the virus from human to human may lead to the death of at least 150 million people. Russian head sanitary inspector Gennadi Inishenko predicts 50 million and Russian Emergencies Ministry predicts 27 million might die from this virus.
The possibility of spread of the H5N1 virus from human to human was confirmed in Indonesia. The virus has been found on three children, who stayed in the same room with the infected woman.
The World Health Organization has investigated the death of six of seven members of a family, who contracted the deadly virus in Indonesia. It was confirmed that the 10-year-old child contracted the virus from his aunt and it spread to the father and other members of the family. The WHO is now conducting a large-scale investigation into the case of human-to-human transmission of bird flu.
The Health Ministry spokesman Samaye Mammadova told APA that no emergency sanitary regime is due to be held in Azerbaijan related to the investigation of new mutated form of the bird flu virus. She said precautions are being implemented.
The H5N1 virus has already killed more than 120 people worldwide since 2003. It has also devastated poultry stocks. /APA/

@ -- May 25 -- Morgellons? Me? me? The health nut? The natural healing doctor?
Yes, now I can admit it.... nearly drove me crazy for several years. It's more common than people think. Came on immediately after an afternoon of video'ng chemtrails! After a couple years of puzzling and painful skin lesions, I researched and found the Morgellons Organization which described so nearly what I was suffering. I bought a microscope as suggested by the Morgellons foundation and there they were. Weird fibers. But none appeared 'alive' or wiggly... thank goodness! Now that Morgellons is getting more respect as a 'real' disease, and not 'delusional parasitosis'. I can admit it.. before, I wanted to hide in a closet. People have actually committed suicide suffering from it. I wouldn't ever do such a thing, but I can understand the desperation. Prayer is so much better.

Mary Leitao of the Morgellons foundation emailed me to speak on television in Jacksonville, Florida a couple of years ago, but at that time I was too energyless to travel up there from here south of Miami - besides my family thinks I'm crazy enough as it is. Now, I'm almost free of it! Now getting better all the time, and looking forward to the scars fading.

It's a miracle.. Answers to my prayers. The Natural Cellular Defense drops are fantastic de-toxers! I finally got relief last year after my friend Carol strongly insisted that I check Waiora's NCD out. At first I resisted - I was tired of trying yet another useless remedy, but I finally gave in, I was desperate. I didn't believe anything would help any more -- after all that I had tried - including parasite cleanses, (which made it much worse!!!! )- infra-red sauna, which helped some..pain pills, anti-itch creams, ibupropen, herbs, homeopathic remedies, vodka, over-eating, tea tree oil, special essential oils, roseacea creams, de-tox baths, Face Doctor and Zen med, sulpher ointments,anti-mite demodex creams, etc., etc., etc. Nothing helped. Could hardly get any sleep at night for all the painful itching and burning.. and the UGLY breakouts... ewwwwww - had to use, as my husband says, 'industrial strength' make up. But the NCD stuff really works!I can hardly believe it's almost too good to be true.

And, another company's product, Ghp Sport or Youth Formula is helping my memory, mood, concentration, focus, and energy!BIG time.
See my little ad: Morgellons Relief at Last

I feel and look like a new person. And I continually thank God every day for these discoveries.

And I guess I'd better thank Carol for her persistance to get me to try the NCD.
I had emailed Mary Leitao of the about my recovery due to the NCD drops but she has not responded as of yet. deexxoo


Prophecy? You've come to the right place. Discernment? You'll excuse a measure of skepticism.

Right now the rage is comets.

The internet is abuzz with those who believe, based on one prediction, that a comet known as Schwassmann-Wachmann, which has broken into pieces, will send one of its pieces into the ocean, causing a tsunami.

This has reached fever pitch and was even in a major U.S. newspaper, The Houston Chronicle, which reported that "Eric Julien, former military air traffic controller, twin engine jet pilot and former instructor at astronaut Patrick Baudry's Space Camp -- Discovery Shuttle flight -- has written four articles covering the high probability of a giant tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean caused by the impact of a comet fragment near or on May 25."

"Responding to NASA's press release stating the innocuousness of the fragmented comet 73P-SW3 with regards to the Earth, the French author of The Science of the Extraterrestrials indicates that numerous scientific data attest to a real danger as was laid out starting with his first article of early April, namely that a small-sized fragment, still unobservable and distant from the principal fragments, could hit the Atlantic Ocean, bringing about the awakening of the volcanoes of the mid-Atlantic ridge, with these being the origin of a possible tsunami with waves two hundred meters high," added the article.

We are certainly not ones to discount warnings but urge extreme caution when events are presented with such specificity and pegged to dates, along with an unlikely chain of events.

In this case, we see upon further inquiry that Eric Julien is obsessed with "extraterrestrials" and says that his information arrived "psychically," in large part.

That's enough for us to discount it. Then there's the science of it.

The closest pass of one fragment has already come and gone. We are talking about chunks millions of miles from earth.

The excitement exploded because Schwassmann-Wachmann, or Comet 73P, was photographed splitting apart and could be seen in the night sky. But the chunks would not hit earth, NASA assured the public last month, nor will it spawn killer tsunamis and mass extinctions -- quashing claims that a fragment would slam into our planet before Memorial Day, indeed on or about May 25, which of course is this week.

The prediction nonetheless sparked fervid interest in the website of a former nightclub owner, Ned Dougherty, who returned from a Catholic near-death episode with alleged messages about the future and whose website is now inundated with those who believe that he has confirmed the prediction of a tsunami.

"In the past six days, my website has been experiencing an average of 30,000 hits per day and I have been overwhelmed with e-mail requests primarily from Europe and Canada requesting that I respond to warnings that have been emanating from several websites and media sources in Europe predicting that a U.S. East Coast tsunami may occur specifically from May 18 to May 25, 2006," he wrote last week. "In addition to posting these warnings for this specific time period, these websites have made reference to my books in English and French respectively, Fast Lane to Heaven and Voie Express pour le Paradis. Inferences have been made that I have concurred with the prediction of this potential event in May 2006.

"First of all, I have not made any predictions that such an event may or may not happen during this specific time period, nor have I been disseminating such information. Secondly, there is no basis for me in my experiences to assume that I may be given actual times or dates that specific geophysical or geopolitical events will definitely occur or that I do have, in fact, the ability to predict future dates. Finally, I have not received any information from any source that indicates to me that I should post a warning for this specific time period."

Dougherty is singled out as a point of interest because he appeared to foretell the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. and had visions of a massive tsunami that one day might affect the coast from New York City to Florida. His own speculation is that such could occur from the collapse of a volcano -- which may be why it was tied to the Julien prognostication.

Wild territory this is. And there is the matter of dates. While some secrets at apparition sites may have dates for future events, such have not been publicly released in the history of mystical theology. At Fatima, Portugal, the Blessed Mother foresaw an incredible display of the aurora borealis, but she did not give an exact day or even a precise year. She did mention the specific date of October 13, in 1917, for a great miracle, but that was not a natural calamity.

Predictions are usually overly specific when they come from the brain or from a deceiving spirit instead of the Holy Spirit. But that's not to discount some peculiar aspects of the comet.

First the name Wachmann means "watchman"; Schassmann means "silent" or "voiceless." Silent watchman. We are certainly in a time of vigilance. Moreover, the closest fragment to earth was one that was curiously heart-shaped; the comet itself was discovered in 1930, on the eve of the Divine Mercy revelations.

As a friend of ours notes: "It is fragmenting just as it prepares for its closest encounter with the earth on May 25th. It is not a coincidence the comet is disintegrating as it closes on its encounter with earth. It is green in color which is unusual for comets and the color of St. Michael. Thirdly, it is exiting from the Ring Nebula, M57, also known as the "Eye of God" [left].

We consider such things. We are interested in coincidence -- all kinds of them. We are especially interested in the concept of "watchmen." In all the hullabaloo, perhaps this is what we can take from it all: that whatever the merits of particular "words," we are all called to the tower of Jezreel. It is a time for vigilance.

As for comets and asteroids: sure. There are so many and there is so little knowledge that anything could happen. There is a major belt of asteroids between us and Mars and even asteroids between our planet and the sun. Much farther out, from Neptune beyond Pluto, are countless millions -- one of which might one day wing our way. The most likely scenario for disaster, NASA experts told us, was that a long-term comet would suddenly appear undetected from behind the sun.

But it is often hundreds of thousands of years between the major strikes of asteroids.

NASA is concerned about an asteroid that could strike in 2036 on April 13 -- which would be Easter. The odds of a collision are 1 in 6,250. While that's a long shot at the racetrack, notes one newspaper, the stakes are too high for astronomers to ignore.

What to make of other predictions? Across Christianity, from Catholics to Evangelicals, is a heightened sense of expectation and increasingly bold projections of major events, especially ones that will affect America. There is a sense that we are approaching a catastrophic turn. Without becoming immersed in detail, we search for the truth of such a prophetic pulse.

"Judgment shall begin to fall upon the unholy in high places," says a major non-Catholic one that is representative of many others. "My Hand of mercy shall be lifted in many lands and yes, even in many places that call Me 'Lord.' My truth was once planted into the heart and spirit of My people but many have entwined it with the ways of man. You cannot separate Me from your land and expect to reap the reward of My blessings forever. Calamity shall come across unexpected places and many shall know sorrow that has not touched them before."

Notes another on a website that even uses "alarm" in its name: "I am aware-- right now-- our God, the Holy Father, is garmenting Himself in a cloak of vengeance and zeal. He is about to judge a nation. We stand on the very edge of a holy act of God."

"I have previously prophesied that we will see a great calamity in 2006," says yet another. "This countdown from 2001 to 2006 is just another confirmation of that prophecy. How many more prophetic words does anyone need to hear?  But the Lord is good to confirm things over and over again," claims one more, pointing out that a friend who gets prophetic words had called this "The Year of The Watchman."

If he didn't know about Schwassmann-Wachmann, we find that another curious coincidence. Perhaps we can look at the general prophetic pulse and if nothing else see a great agitation of spirits, which are an element of a period of purification (as in the Middle Ages).

We certainly don't think any cataclysms will occur this week, but we are on the lookout always as everyone is watching the beauty of the way God purifies at the same time that we warn of errant and even occult predictions.

It is a struggle for all of us at a time when prophecy has been relegated to the dustbin of religion.

The end of the world? No.

The end of an era? Yes.

There are those who believe they can see the notation of "EZ 3" as if referring to Ezekiel Chapter Three in the Shroud of Turin and at the least let us note that this passage which comes to us at the same time as the alleged prophecies contains the words, "Son of man, I have appointed you a watchman to the house of Israel; whenever you hear a word from My mouth, warn them from Me."

We are called to be watchmen. That message we will accept.

Fire from the sky? One day before the end of our era there will be fear of fire from the sky. That's our prognostication.

@--Monday February 06, 2006 11:00AM PT --

Last September, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 caricatures of Islam's founder, the Prophet Muhammad.

The drawings ignited anger throughout the Muslim world, where it's strictly forbidden to depict the prophet. But on Wednesday, when several European newspapers reprinted the cartoons, the fury exploded into massive protests and boycotts -- and searches across the Web rose in extraordinary numbers. Here at the Buzz, where our daily fare consists largely of network television shows and Hollywood starlets, it was astounding to see the number and volume of searches. "Muhammad cartoon" (+487%) and "Muhammad cartoons" (+619%) both rose into our top 10 movers for the day, and everything from "Danish cartoon Islam" and "Muslim cartoons" to "prophet Mohammad" and "Denmark Islam" soared at the Search box. Searches for many of the papers involved, notably Denmark's Jyllands-Posten, Norway's Magazinet, France's France Soir, Germany's Die Welt, and Italy's La Stampa, also spiked. In nearly every case, more than 80% of the searches skewed towards men, most between the ages of 35 and 54. Washington, D.C.; Oregon; Maryland; and Arizona topped the list of areas seeking more on "Muhammad cartoons." Watch for more buzz as the row continues over what one news source calls the "yawning gap between Western principles of free speech and Muslim religious values."

@ -- January, 2006 -- !! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

@ January 2 -- Already Storms in West and Eastern United States, Wildfires in Texas and Oklahoma, - 7.5 mag Earthquakes in Fiji Region, Extreme hot weather and Wildfires in Australia.

@ -- November 2005 -- A Lot has been HAPPENING - HURRICANE WILMA CAME TO FLORIDA
- Even strangers on the streets are remarking these are the END TIMES... We have been extremely busy with the Global Rumblings Yahoo Group list with these Hurricanes - Hurricane Dennis - which blew my mother off her porch in Key West - Hurricanes Ophelia, Katrina and Rita - All of which swiped us here in South Florida. - Therefore this page is not up-to-date due to shortened time. Please go to: PAGE TWO and also click on the Feed Burner for the Global Rumblings up-to-the-minute End Time news. Thanks!

@ -- October 23 -- 21 Named Storms - Record Broken
Tropical Storm Alpha forms in the Caribbean
@ -- July 1 -- Storm Expert: Hurricane Danger on the RISE
Get ready, Florida!

@ -- Feb. 18 -- It will NEVER END for Michael Schiavo Never, Ever, Ever.
@ -- Feb. 13 -- Sister Lucia ('Light') the remaining visionary of Fatima passed away on the 13th of February.
The 13 of the month was the always date of the visions! This is indeed meaningful in these End Times.

The 'Third Secret of Fatima' was known by her all these many years. According to prophecy she was to live through the Beginning of the End Times.
Video of alleged apparition in Medjugorje: is statue crying?Is Mother Mary crying for her children on Mother Earth?

from Cliff and Gina Maroh:
"This was taken at 10:30 a.m. CT
4 miles east and 2 south of Pierpont SD.
I've seen sundogs before but this
was very bright and made a full circle around the sun."

@ -- Jan. 22 --

Earthquakes - East Coast, Ecuador, etc. 1-22-05 - The window that will be the gateway to a wave of intense earth events opened on January 19

Earthquakes are concentrating in South America, with 60 quakes recorded near Ecuador in the last three days.  Several of these have been moderately large, or greater than 5 magnitude.  Earthquakes in the U.S. are virtually nonexistent at present, including the west coast states of Washington, Oregon and California. 
"Weather forecasters warn a fierce storm slamming the East Coast could turn into a blizzard [January 22]. With snow falling on his city, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said conditions could become "life threatening" and he asked residents to stay off the streets as he activated an emergency operations center."  (CNN)
@ -- Jan. 11, 2005 -- Gulf of Mexico tsunami unlikely,
but hurricane damage would be similar
BATON ROUGE (AP) — A tsunami isn't likely in the northern Gulf of Mexico,
but a hurricane's storm surge could cause damage like that in the Indian Ocean,
shoving 15 to 30 feet of water inland, scientists say.

"I am not convinced, to be honest, that people fully comprehend that," said Greg Stone, a coastal scientist and wave specialist at Louisiana State University.

Hurricane Ivan's storm surge along the Alabama coast was 10 to 12 feet in height. However, since the levees around New Orleans would trap the water, and much of the city is below sea level, water would have been deeper than that.

"If the storm had passed over New Orleans or west of New Orleans, we would have flooded the city," said Ivor van Heerden, a geologist in the LSU Hurricane Center. "We would have had water 20 feet deep. That's above the average rooftop.

"We would have had 400,000 people trapped in the city. There would have been thousands who would have drowned. The devastation we have seen in the tsunami would be what we would see."

Tsunamis usually are caused by undersea earthquakes. Earthquakes in the Caribbean are minor — nothing that would create the walls of water that crashed ashore in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other nations on the rim of the Indian Ocean the day after Christmas, Stone said.

The only minor possibility of even a small tsunami might be from shifts in the slope of undersea mud that is deposited off the mouth of the Mississippi River, he said.

Van Heerden said small blocks do sometimes break loose along the continental shelf, creating endersea mudslides.

But a strong category 2 or 3 hurricane could push water more than 15 feet deep onto the shore. A category 5 hurricane could create a 30-foot storm surge, van Heerden said.

During Hurricane Ivan, one buoy about 100 miles southeast of the Mississippi River's mouth registered a wave 52.5 feet tall before it was torn from its mooring.

A wave that tall could not come to shore because it would break, toppling over from the friction created by the shallow bottoms just offshore along the Gulf of Mexico, Stone said.

Workers trapped on a semi-submersible platform about 140 miles south of Grand Isle during Ivan took pictures of waves crashing over handrails normally 60 to 65 feet above the surface of the Gulf. One company told Stone it found wave damage on a rig 90 feet above sea level.

"I hope we do not have to have a real disaster, like this tsunami, in order for the federal government to come along and help bolster our coast," Stone said. "You bolster the coast, you do something against storm surge."

Copyright 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men, charity. ~ Arthur J. Balfour



@ -- Jan. 12 -- Canary Isles are Sinking Mt.Teide Volcano - Waking up!Live Volcano News

@ -- January 11, 2005 -- How the Big Quake affected Earth NASA Science NewsThe Dec. 26th Indonesian megathrust earthquake quickened Earth's rotation and changed our planet's shape, according to calculations done by NASA scientists.

Tsunami Death Toll EXCEEDS 400,000 in Indonesia Alone Total may be Forever Unknown

@ -- Dec. 31 -- Red Cross predicts a MILLION Deaths Times of India Article:
Is India Underestimating its Tsunami Dead?
Excerpt: Red Cross is estimating the toll could shoot up to 1,000,000 dead (from the present 80,000) in Asia once more information comes in from Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Andamans are situated just north of Sumatra, the epicentre of Sunday's quake that set off the killer waves. Residents in several affected areas are already claiming that the number of dead projected by authorities is far way below the reality.....

@ -- Dec. 31 -- Tsunami, Sumatra, Indonesia -- Then What? Then what? Many Repercussions!

@ -- Dec. 30 -- Death Toll Expected To EXCEED 400,000 Indonesia Needs Help!
Thu Dec 30 2004 12:52:01 ET

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 (Bernama) -- The death toll in Acheh, the
region worst hit by last Sunday´s tsunami, may exceed 400,000 as
many affected areas could still not be reached for search and rescue
operations, Indonesia´s Ambassador to Malaysia Drs H. Rusdihardjo
said Thursday.

He said the estimate was based on air surveillance by Indonesian
authorities who found no signs of life in places like Meulaboh,
Pulau Simeulue and Tapak Tuan while several islands off the west
coast of Sumatera had "disappeared".

He said the latest death toll of more than 40,000 in Acheh and
northern Sumatera did not take into account the figures from the
other areas, especially in the west of the region.

"Aerial surveillance found the town of Meulaboh completely destroyed
with only one buiding standing. The building, which belonged to the
military, happens to be on a hill," he told reporters after
receiving RM1 million in aid for Indonesia´s Tsunami Disaster Relief
Fund here Thursday.

Rusdihardjo said there were about 150,000 residents in Meulaboh,
which was located 150km from the epicentre of the earthquake while
Pulau Simeuleu had a population of 76,000.

Ambassador Rusdihardjo said a combination of earthquake and tsunami
had left 80 to 100 per cent of infrastructure in Acheh province,
such as hospitals, health centres, transport and communication
networks and homes, destroyed.

"Looking at the scale of destruction, it´s difficult to say when the
search and rescue operations can be mounted in all affected areas,"
he said.

He said rescue efforts were hampered by transportation difficulties
and lack of fuel.

Rusdihardjo said that at this time international help, especially in
the form of medicines, clean water, food and clothing, were
desperately needed by Indonesia to aid survivors in Acheh.

"Now we are worried about the outbreak of diseases such as cholera,
the work of disposing corpses and the absence of clean water
following the contamination of water sources," he said.

It would take years before the situation returned to normal, he
said, adding that the Indonesian government was not able to estimate
losses caused by the tragedy as yet.

He expressed his gratitude to Malaysia´s help although the country
itself was hit with 66 lives lost so far and property to the tune of
millions of ringgit destroyed.

"We are deeply touched," he said.

Rusdihardjo said Indonesia was also seeking Malaysia´s cooperation
to mount search and rescue operations from its shores because of the
close proximity of the two countries.



@ -- Dec. 29 -- Tsunami death toll reaches 100,000 and still rising.

@ -- Dec. All Month -- Make it all Year 2005 - why not? From Jeff Rense's site: The Christmas Spirit The Best Gift, from Judity Moriaty

@ -- Dec. 16 -- Worldwide Earthquake Activity in Last Seven days Includes Taiwan and Afghanistan. Earth quakes trying to tell us something about End Times?

@ -- Dec. 15 -- Cayman Islands Quake
The LARGEST In Region In 104 Years

@ -- Dec. 15 -- A RARE 6.7 Quake Has Shaken The Cayman Islands
In the Caribbean

@ -- Nov. 30, 2004

Bird Flu Pandemic Viewed as Likely

Bird Flu Pandemic Viewed as Likely

The geographic spread of the H5N1 virus in poultry, and evidence that it is becoming more versatile, could make its eradication impossible, WHO officials warned. In addition to killing humans, the virus has affected other animals, most recently tigers in a Thailand zoo.

International health officials meeting in Bangkok expressed grave fears Friday that the evolving avian flu virus could result in a pandemic.

A senior World Health Organization (WHO) official said the conditions are ripe for a new pandemic, and that the resiliency of the H5N1 virus makes it a likely candidate for an international outbreak.

"We are closer now to an influenza pandemic than at any time in recent years," said Dr. Shiferu Omi, WHO's Western Pacific regional director.

Go to:  for entire article.

@ -- Nov. 28 --

Mount St. Helens Crater Shaken by Earthquake

Mount St. Helens Crater Shaken by Earthquake

The earthquake, which struck on Saturday at the crater at Mount St. Helens, measured 3.1 on the Richter scale, making it the strongest quake at the volcano since mid-October.

A 3.1-magnitude earthquake shook the crater at Mount St. Helens on Saturday, the strongest quake at the volcano since mid-October.

US Geological Survey scientists said they did not believe a major eruption was imminent, just a continuation of the minor ash and steam eruptions that have been occurring since the mountain reawakened in the autumn.

Saturday's earthquake appeared to be a larger version of the small earthquakes scientists have registered about once a minute for the past several weeks, the USGS said.

Scientists hoped good weather yesterday and today would allow them to get a better look at the volcano.

A flurry of small earthquakes beginning in late September were followed by a burst of steam and ash on Oct. 1, the first in a series of small eruptions.

None of the early earthquakes measured over 3.2 in magnitude.

A new lava formation began building in the crater soon after, with magma reaching the floor at the rate of 7 to 8 cubic meters, about one large dump truck load, every second.

The new dome and the uplifted floor beneath it now cover 28.33 hectares and stand 228.6m high.

Mount St. Helens blew apart in May 1980, killing 57 people and covering the region with gritty ash.

© 2004 Post Publishing Plc.. All rights reserved.
© 2004 ECT News Network. All rights reserved.

@ -- Nov. 21, 2004 -- Do we appear evil? Depleted Uranium ain't fairy dust! It appears that thousands of tons of this very dense material were used in the Gulf War of 1991. It was used in Kosovo and again in Iraq. It is radioactive and remains dangerous virtually forever, longer than man has walked on Earth. Its most horrible effects appear not from cancer, but in human fetuses.We have been terrified by the thought of some terrorist setting off a dirty bomb and poisoning a U.S. city. Meanwhile we have spread radioactive uranium all over Iraq.....

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@ -- November 11, 2004 -- 6.5 and 7.3 mag Quakes & magnetic storms 11-11-04 Three large quakes shook the Pacific today as the magnetic storms that began this week abated, even though one additional solar eruption is yet to arrive later today. Posted in Global Rumblings Blog Other breaking stories!

@ -- Nov. 10 -- TROUBLE IN THE HOLY LAND -- Father of modern-day terrorism declared dead in Paris hospital. Really? Posted in Global Rumblings Blog Yasser Arafat dies at age 75 - Some say of AIDS.

@ -- Nov. 9 -- Anti-French (!) feeling is rampant in Ivory Coast crowd of tens of thousands.. So where is the uproar from the rest of the world over this?

Magma in the crater of Mount St. Helens glows in this United States Geological Survey photo taken at twilight Thursday, Nov. 4, 2004 from the Johnston Ridge Observatory. Scientists say the lava dome in the crater of the volcano has risen more than 300 feet since the last week of October. (AP Photo/Coutesy USGS (news - web sites

@ -- Nov. 6 -- Arafat Poisoned? Arafat's doctor, Ashraf Kurdi, told the Al Jazeera satellite TV network that, "Arafat's health condition makes poisoning a strong possibility." Some say he's dead, some say he's in a 'reversible' coma, and some say it's 'irreversible. Whatever.

@ -- November 3, 2004 - Day after Elections
Kerry and Edwards Eat Humble Pie - And it goes down smoothly.

Just finished watching Kerry and Edward's concession speeches on TV.  They were well written, well spoken, well rehearsed, smooth, and still saying what they think the public wants to hear.  However this time - they seemed to finally realize that the public wants Values, Humility, Unity, Patriotism, Support for our Troops, Strong Defense against Terrorism, Compassion, Hugs, Children, Families, Pride in Being American.. and Prayer. References were made to all these. (I don't remember them mentioning Honesty, and Consistency, though).  Kerry even referred to his wife, Teresa, pronounced "t' RAY'z-zah", dressed in a shiny reptilian green pantsuit, as 'beautiful' and said a lot of beautiful lovely words.   Lets hope he will  learn deeply and grow into what he says.  And, gasp! Kerry even mentioned he'd close with a 'prayer':  "God Bless America"!  Can't go wrong with that one.
Kerry also played up to the youth, thanking those children and those teenagers that will be in line to vote in the next election or two.  And he promised he will be continuing to fight for 'us'.  Not for me he won't, unless he amends his life, lives his professed faith, apologizes to the Vietnam Vets, supports Life, and the Ban on the gruesome Partial Birth Abortion, renounces socialistic liberal and Maxist values, cradle-to-grave government nannnyism, honestly speaks his own convictions consistently even if unpopular, and opens up his discharge papers for all to see.  Then elephants will fly, rivers will run uphill and the streets will be paved with gold.  But hey, anything's possible.

@ -- Nov. 2 -- Election Day. Osama Bin Laden Taunting the U.S.
Tells us just how he's going to break us and win our elections his way to his benefit.

Al-Jazeera aired portions of the videotape Friday but released the full transcript of the entire tape on its Web site Monday. *** "We are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy. Allah willing, and nothing is too great for Allah," bin Laden said in the transcript.

@ -- November 1 -- He's Outed! Man Comes Forth as web site's originator. Electoral Vote Predictor History may never know how many working hours were lost creating it, getting 600,000 hits daily lately. Just wait till next week, though. Maybe we'll catch up. UPDATE! Well a lot of his working hours are 'lost' indeed. - He's still wrong in his 'predictions' and even in the outcome! Yep, he too, is out of touch.
@ -- October 22 -- Just in one day from Timothy Snodgrass:
(10/22) Full Lunar Eclipse To Turn Moon Blood Red 6 Days Before Elections:

(10/22) U.S. Under Pressure To Stop Production Of New F-22 Raptor Fighter Jets: News

(10/22) Without New U.S. F-22 Fighters, China Has Now Has Air Superiority: News

(10/22) Israel Kills Top Hamas Fighter Ahead Of Crucial Gaza Vote: News

(10/22) Israel May Have Islamic Republic Of Iran In Its Sights: News

(10/22) North Korea Says South Has Nuclear Arms, Rejects Talks: News

(10/22) Bush, Kerry Differ On Approach To North Korea: News

(10/22) China Angrily Rejects Taiwan's Peace Overture: News

(10/22) China To Discuss Taiwan, North Korea With Powell: News

(10/22) Japan Death Toll Rises To 75 From Record Typhoon Tokage: News

(10/22) Tidal Waves From Tokage Bury Coastal Roads Under Sea: Photo

(10/22) Homes Along Japanese Shore Destroyed By Massive Waves: Photo

(10/22) Typhoon Nok-Ten Approaching Philippines, Taiwan Region: News

(10/22) AP Poll Shows Bush, Kerry Locked In A Tie: News

(10/22) Bush, Kerry Spar On Science, Health Care: News

(10/22) Rare Quake Sends A Jolt Through North Germany: News

(10/22) A 6.1 Quake Has Shaken The Vanuatu Islands, Polynesia Region: News

(10/22) Turkish Builder Jailed For 25 Years Over 200 Quake Deaths: News

(10/22) Minor Quake Reported Along New Madrid Fault Line, Tennessee: News

@ -- Sept. 23 -- Latest prediction has Hurricane Jeanne Slamming Florida by Sunday

@ -- Sept. 03 -- FloridaReadies for Hurricane Frances Check Hurricane Headquarters

@ -- Aug. 29 -- Still coming at us! South Florida Residents told to Prepare

@ -- Aug. 27 -- Hurricane Frances Strengthens to Category 3 Going to Florida? Oh nooo.. Not again! I haven't finished with the last several ones.

@ -- Mar. 2004 -- The Curious Case of the NASA Crinoid Cover-Up
A potential Martian fossil !

By Richard C. Hoagland  © 2004 The Enterprise Mission

@ -- Jan. 3, 2004 -- Siesmologists Alarmed By Rash Of Quakes Around Globe: LINK: World Net Daily Article

@ -- Jan. 1, 2004 -- Mad Cow Disease  - REVOLTING INJUSTICE????
Mad Cow Disease/Kuru/CJD in the Fore Tribe

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Archived Entries Prior to 2004:

@ -- Nov. 17 -- Giant Fireball Streaks East to West across Colorado.

@ -- Oct. 29 -- Disabled are Fearful Who will be next? Your daughter?

@ -- Oct. 28 -- UPDATED! Michael Schiavo got Furious and Kicked Terri's bedside tray. Is he impulsive or what? Parts I & II of Father Rob's Exclusive, interview with the
Schindlers on their response to the Larry King-Michael Schiavo Love Fest.

@ -- Oct. 2003 -- The Video Clips they tried to CENSOR. Why?
Terri's father risked imprisonment for distributing these to the media.

@ -- Aug. 19 -- New! Have apocalyptic weather changes begun?
Weird WorldWide Weather

@ -- May 6 -- Road Map to Earthquakes Will the United States be broken in two? Disregarding the 'Apple of His eye'?

@ -- March 24 -- As troops rush through Irag, questions arise About Babylon Is this predicted in the Bible? Is this Armegeddon? Are there connections?

@ -- February 21 -- Hoagland Speaking for the First Time in Two Years!
The Untold story behind Bush's Prometheus announcement!Report on the Albuquerque conference.

@ -- February 10 -- Mt. Etna is about to blow again - and worse!
"Considering that the volcano has been intensely fractured during the last two flank eruptions, Mt. Etna eruptive activity could become more frequent, voluminous and potentially hazardous in the near future."
"Geophysical evidences (sic) ... indicate that a considerable quantity of magma is still accumulated beneath the volcano in the shallow storage zone," they wrote.

@ -- January, 2003 -- Planet X and the Coming Earth Changes Sooner than we think?

@ -- November 30 -- UFO attacked Huge Meteor Saving the Earth? So where are the mainstream news headlines? Who's afraid of the big bad truth?

@ -- November 18 -- Something is not right with this world, my friend, Choose your dreams wisely, as reality is the price.

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@ -- November 15 -- Many Near Death Experience prophecies tell of Increasing Catastrophes, Earthquakes, War, unless ...
These visions are in line with prophecies by Edgar Cayce, Fatima, Garanbandel, and Medjugorjie. We CAN change the future. How?

@ -- November 4 -- Buildings on Mars? In plain view!
Denial en perpetua. -- "The problem is not the evidence, scientific or otherwise. The problem is unbelief, denial and a refusal to face truth. We have become so hardened and so skeptical that we can no longer accept that which is obvious. If we cannot accept obvious truth, we must embrace the lie. If you find the truth, you shall be set free. If you embrace the lie, you shall be enslaved forever"

@ -- October 4 -- Meteor Alert in Russia --
Due for another Tunguska-level blast?

4:50 p.m. ET The Russian newspaper Pravda reports that witnesses..., saw a "very large luminous object" fall to Earth - accompanied by a flash and a thunderous sound.

"....locals felt a strong shock, which could be comparable to an earthquake,"
South Africa’s Independent Online, meanwhile, quotes scientists in Irkutsk as saying no injuries were reported.

The news flashes were eerie on two counts:

First, it arose just as experts were telling Congress that even relatively small-scale meteor strikes could set off nuclear alarms - and that more attention needs to be paid to the potential threat. Second - see article for whole story.

@ -- September 9 -- Is the 'Alien Face' crop circle formation A Hoax?
And, "All of this early talk about Phobos being the King of Terror and that war would reign after his arrival was all wrong. It seems to my elementary knowledge on the subject that the King of Terror was/is Osama Bin Laden and/or Saddam Hussein, and he/they struck in the ninth month of the first year of the new millennium which would fulfill Nosty's predictions would it not???? If true, is there a chronology of events listed by Nosty? If so, what is next and when?"

Fat girl Before, Skinny After - My Sister Ann -

@ -- September 5 -- New Enterprise Mission Discovery Verifies Soviet Mars Data From 1989You have to see these photos! Cities under "Poof Dust"?

@ -- August 26 -- Is there life after September 11? You bet there is! Ride, Debbie, Ride! Check it out. A Friend of ours is riding through 48 states in 48 days to celebrate her 48th birthday!

@ -- August 20 -- Have you ever wondered why newborn babies that are defenseless against disease can survive their first few months on this planet without succumbing to the multitudes of colds and viruses? An "immunity cocktail" which provides data from the mother's own immune system? So how can that help the planet?


@ -- August 12 -- Can we move that Asteroid in time? Which Asteroid?

@ -- August 12 -- Take your pick! Sample of just ONE day's: Earth Shaking News

@ -- July -- Comet in Inner Solar System Crumbles Spectacular photo of pieces. What a trail of debris - hope they keep going in the other direction!

@ -- June -- Truth, or Fiction? Lords of Perdition Rings TOO true! What do you think? Probably already in the consciousness of many.

@ -- May -- Timothy Snodgrass has a new format on his website: Earth Changes Will answer emails barring Power outages, Volcanic Eruptions,and Giant Lizard attacks.

@ -- March --Asteroids and Tsunamis What are they?

@ -- March -- Mysterious Force Pulling Pioneer Probe Back! Defying the Law of Gravity?

@ -- February -- Series of Prophecies known as Final Warnings. Are they really Final?(Temporarily Unavailable)

@ -- Feb. 5 -- Mexico Evacuates Villagers as Volcano Spews Fiery Rocks and Lava The "Volcano of Fire" has been rumbling for the past week Scientists said it could erupt any time as pressure builds behind a dome that has formed inside its crater.


@ -- Jan. 28 -- Mt. Kilimanjaro is melting to its DEATHAn astonishing development is changing ...

@ -- Jan. 26 -- Something is Perturbing Comet Orbits in the OOrt Cloud Sitchen's Planet X? Not So! says Dr. Matese

@ -- Jan. 24 -- Antartic Lakes Warming Too Fast? -- 'ALMOST A BEACON GOING OFF'
``This is almost a beacon going off saying, 'Look, we've gone through this threshold at this point on the planet, and it's an indicator that the environment is changing rapidly,''' researcher Lloyd Peck of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge said in a telephone interview.

@ -- Jan. 19 -- Large Chunk of Red Something Orbiting the Sun. New Planet Discovery?

@ -- @@@@@ Well, Awesome. That's all I can say. For the moment.Let the picture load...ah.

@ -- Jan. 05 -- Newly discovered Life-Form Invades Harbor What the Heck is This?

@ -- Jan. 03 -- Making the Dark Side of the Moon Light?

@ -- January 2002 -- Oldest and Recent Domestic Well, well, viewpoint changed!

@ -- Nov. 9 -- Ukrainian mystic warns against "Large War" and talks about time period for "Evil Powers"

@ -- Oct. 19 -- Venezuelan mystic who foresaw Attack Warns America that War had better end soon.

@ -- 2001 -- Is the Earth in danger of Exploding? You tell me!

@ -- 2001 -- Did Noah's Flood Really Happen?

@ -- 1995 -- Iraq's BioWar Weapons Could wipe out the world

@ -- Oct.17, Israel's Cabinet Minister Assassinated!

@ -- October, 2001 - Convenient Quakes in Afghanistan.

@ -- Oct. 10 -- Is China moving in to support Taliban? Pravda thinks maybe yes.

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