Colloidal Silver
Transfer Factor Oral Immune Spray

TF Immune Spray features two very exciting immunity strengthening ingredients, 4Life's Transfer Factor combined with Colloidal Silver. This great tasting formula combines the strong anti-bacterial properties of colloidal silver with the immune power of Transfer Factor XF.

A pleasant tasting orange flavored mouth and throat spray, TF Immune Spray contains no sugar, and no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Never be without this!

Because TF Immune Spray is delivered through the mouth, it directly affects the mucousal tissues, helping an immune response in the area that is under constant attack of microbial threats!

Essential to use in crowded places, elevators, airplanes, day-care centers. When someone around you coughs or sneezes, spray your own throat and mouth with TF Spray right away! Good for babies, children, adults and the elderly!

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TF Immune Spray™
Item # 24013
1 Oz Bottle

A Little Spray goes a Long, Long Way!

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